Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A rough week is finally over!

Last week was a doozy!

On Saturday, we got news that my father-in-law, "Papa" to my boys, had lost his battle with myelodysplasia. We are all devastated and will miss him dearly! Needless to say, most of the week was spent in mourning and spending time with family and friends remembering this wonderful man.

And, because PIDD always seems to have perfect timing, that very evening I ended up in the ER with Jeremy with a 103 fever... poor thing was moaning and begging me to take him to the hospital (never a good sign). Turns out his neutrophils had plummeted again, and now his general white count and platelet count were also low. We narrowly escaped admission, I think mostly because the doc knew about what was going on at home. Jeremy was given IV antibiotics and fluids in the hospital, and we were sent home on an oral course and told to follow up with Hematology (yet again).

Hematology wanted Jeremy checked again on Friday, and kept out of school and crowds until his numbers improved. Like I said, great timing! Because of this, he was unable to attend the funeral for his Papa and was very disappointed! Thanks to some wonderful friends, we were able to arrange childcare so that the rest of the family could attend (THANK YOU Barbara, Mindy and Meg!!! You are all amazing!). My Dad, "Poppy" helped out during the week.

Friday did hold some good news for us... Jeremy's ANC was on it's way back up... not normal, but it never is for him. Thankfully his restrictions are now lifted and he is back in school! He will follow up with Hematology in June and at that point, he will have a bone marrow biopsy scheduled to investigate why these dips keep happening and why there are other cell lines now involved. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for checking in!

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